until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Tuesday 09.04.13

Roskilde Road Trip has begun

Why wait until summer to experience Roskilde Festival when you can get a taste of it right now?

Roskilde Road Trip is Roskilde Festival on the road in Northern Europe, where you can experience one week of free concerts, workshops, art installations and debates.

Right now we're in Gothenburg (6 - 13 April).

300 people showed up at the opening party on Saturday where the the young and talented DJ and producer Carli (SE) created a great atmosphere with his eclectic beats. Carli is also playing at Roskilde Festival this summer.

Swedish hip-hop duo Lorentz & Sakarias also rocked the stage, and the artist duo Build & Destroy hosted a workshop that combined music, dancing and interactivity.

We are coming to Malmö, Oslo, Bergen (13 - 20  April) and Hamburg (15 - 20 April).

Read more about Roskilde Road Trip here.

Carli kicked off Roskilde Road Trip.
Photo: Klara Kjellarsson

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