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Tuesday 11.06.13

Saturday tickets are now sold out

You can still buy all-week tickets as well as tickets for Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

We have now sold out all Saturday tickets. So if you want to see Metallica, The National, Sigur Rós or some of the other 39 bands playing Saturday 6 July 2013, you have to buy an all-week ticket.

With an all-week ticket you get access to a whole week of Roskilde Festival and 195 music acts in all kinds of genres. If you feel like festivalising for more than one day, you get most value for your money when buying an all-week ticket. The price is DKK 1890 (approx. 253 euro).

We still have one-day tickets for Thursday, Friday and Sunday for sale. All days offer great experiences on both big and small stages. Have a look at our band schedule to see when your favourites are playing. The Thursday ticket costs DKK 650 (approx. 87 euro), and the other one-day tickets cost DKK 950 (approx. 127 euro).

You can buy tickets to Roskilde Festival through Billetlugen.

No more one-day tickets available for Saturday - photo: Jorunn Johannessen
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