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Saturday 02.06.12

See the map of Roskilde Festival 2012

How do the areas look this year? Where should I camp? And what new initiatives are there at the festival site? See this and much more on the map of Roskilde Festival.

The map of Roskilde Festival 2012 is now ready and you can start encircling the area you would like to camp in.

If you have made an entrance booking, you can also see where your entrance is located. And if you have not yet booked an entrance, this is a perfect time to choose one. Remember, it is a free service included when you buy your ticket.

Where are the stages?
The map also shows you the festival site, so you can see where the stages are located and how long the distance is between them.

On the map you can also see where our brand-new stage for electronic music, Apollo, is located. During the warm-up days (1 - 4 July) the stage is called Apollo Countdown and will move around to different spots at the campsite, but from Thursday 5 July the stage will be placed permanently in area C behind Street City.

The Pavilion/Pavilion Junior stage is located at the same place as last year. Keep in mind that when you want to listen to music on the Pavilion Junior stage during the warm-up days, gate 10 is your only access point to the stage. All other gates to the festival site open on Thursday 5 July at 17:00.

New initiatives
Regular festival-goers will notice some new details on this year’s map, e.g. a brand-new campsite called Dream City. Read more about it here.
In order to please both festival-goers and- vehicular traffic, a walkway has been built to connect the areas M and N, and the YourSpace area near Pavilion has changed it's name to Sonic Zone.

Practical information
You can see the map with all the new initiatives and changes by clicking the link below. In addition, we have also updated all the practical information you need to know concerning transport, food- and beverage prices, where to watch the Euro 2012 championship final and much, much more.



Photo: Steffen Jørgensen
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