Wednesday 03.06.09

Sharp, alternative acts to Roskilde

This run-up offers extra treats for the indie crowd in the shape of I’m From Barcelona, Wavves and The Whitest Boy Alive.

We have something great for fans of indie pop, noise punk and dance-friendly pop rock. Three solid acts make the final festival poster at the last minute.

I’M FROM BARCELONA (S) plays indie pop with a large number of winds, synthesizers, accordion and choir singers. In spite of a crew that could fill half a football team, the sound is often light and carefree in that special way that characterises Swedish pop music - ­ from ABBA to Jens Lekman.

WAVVES (US) has in a short time become one of the hottest acts on the buzzing blogs where the young Californian has been hailed as a new great talent. Nathan Williams plays simple, catchy songs about skateboards and boredom, which he buries in a thick blanket of white guitar noise.

THE WHITEST BOY ALIVE (N/DE) delivers a quite unique combination of white funk, German electronics and catchy pop, which enthuses at concerts as well as on record. Norwegian Erlend Øye and his German playmates played with us the last time in 2007. Since then they have been high on many people’s lists of dream concerts at this year’s Roskilde Festival.

The last few empty slots...
We are not quite done yet. Few slots on the programme are still empty, and a handful of Lounge and Pavilion Junior acts also look forward to being announced in the near future.




The Whitest Boy Alive delivers a quite unique combination of white funk, German electronics and catchy pop.

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