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Sign up for Camp of the Year now!

Does your camp have what it takes to be this year’s camp at Roskilde Festival 2014? Then sign up now.

Camp of the Year is for all the camps that throughout the festival create a fantastic atmosphere, togetherness and love with their creative, innovative ideas and festive engagement. The winner will be the camp that is not just a collection of tents, but manages to create the best festival for themselves, neighbouring camps and all those who drop by. In short – the camp which creates the best ‘Orange Feeling’.

How to participate
Each day of the camping period our panel of competent camp experts will visit every camp signed up for the competition and nominate three camps within the daily themes. Then the three camps will meet on the field of honour to determine who the daily winner is. The five themes are:

  • Early bird: For those who throughout the year – both on Facebook, in the queue and by hitting the grass running Sunday – shows the beautiful Orange Feeling.
  • Community camp: For those who just give so much to everyone around them – share sunscreen, give a hand where needed and much more
  • Theme camp: For those who have a theme that stands out here, there, all the time and everywhere.
  • Sustainability camp: For those who make it a breeze to be kind to mother earth at the festival and spread the good message.
  • Party camp: For those who have the funniest, weirdest, most inclusive and innovative parties, both during the day and at night.

If you believe that there is one or more of the daily themes your camp will master to perfection remember to tick the registration form. If you are selected for one of the daily competitions you will immediately be one step closer in becoming Camp of the Year 2014.

Saturday all the daily winners will meet and vote on who must win the title as Camp of the Year 2014 – in other words you will decide who the winner will be.
Beside the great honour it is to win the title as Camp of the Year there will also be competed for a very special trophy made from Orange Stage’s very first tent cloth. Additionally you will receive Camp of the Year 2014 winner t-shirts and six tickets to next year's festival.


Join us on Camp of the year @ Roskilde Festival Facebook

Contact: coty@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk

The winners of Camp of the Year 2013, Camp Ping Pong

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