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This year the game will change. Does your camp have what it takes to bring home the trophy?

Roskilde Festival is about so much more than what's going on in the festival area. Every year more and more camps enrich the camping area with events, parties, creative themes and love to go around - thus making sure everybody is loaded with that special Orange Feeling when the music starts.

This year Roskilde Festival once again sets out to honour those camps that make the waiting time so special by naming 'Camp of The Year'. This tradition goes back several years – but this year the game will change, as we aim to give the power back to you festies.

Themed Daily Winners
This years Daily Winners will be chosen by themes. Are your camp the greenest? Do you throw the best parties? Are you giving the most to the camping community? Does your camp have the best theme? Are you a camp of early birds that makes sure the party starts from day one? Then your camp have the chance of being named as a Daily Winner.

Each day of the camping period our panel of competent camp experts will visit every camp signed up for the competition. They will then nominate three camps, that will then meet on the field of honour to determine who is the best Party Camp, Early Bird Camp, Sustainability Camp, Theme Camp and Community Camp.

On Saturday all camps that has been nominated as a Daily Winner will meet up and throw their vote as to who of the Daily Winners they think is Roskilde Festival Camp of The Year '13.

Prizes and tickets
The winning camp will not only have pride in the honourable title of ‘Camp of the Year’. They receive a specially designed trophy made from orange canvas from the very first Orange Stage and with the previous winners engraved on it: Where is the Love (2006), Den Svedig Kalkun (2007), Topgun Camp (2008), Camp Find Holger (2009), Camp Crazy Legs (2010 and 2011) and Camp Burt Reynolds (2012). As a bonus, the cup also functions as a beer bong!

On top of this, the prize also includes unique Camp of the Year T-shirts as well as six tickets to Roskilde Festival 2014.

Sign up now: https://www.research.net/s/COTY13

Or join our Camp of the Year Facebook page

First Daily Winners 2012: Camp Farmer Dating

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