until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Monday 03.03.14

Sleep 100 metres from the Orange Stage

Now you can buy an already pitched tent, a Rockwool Shelter, a Tenthouse, a reserved spot for your Camp and much more.

This year, we’ve added new possibilities for comfortable camping at Roskilde Festival 2014.

Tenthouses are luxury tents placed on a fixed bottom above ground. They include electricity and light, a 135 x 200 cm matress, a lockable storage box and space for luggage. Rockwool Shelters is an octagonal shelter, built of rock wool insulation. The material makes it suitable for festival nights because it protects against heat, cold, water and sound.  

Live right next to the Orange Stage
In the area of the former stage Odeon you now find Get A Tent Central, just 100 metres from Orange Stage. This area opens Wednesday 2 July and is only available through purchase of a Get A Tent Central ticket.

See the preliminary festival map

Read more about all the add-on options:

  • Get A Tent – Central and East
    If you want to arrive to a pitched tent.
  • Get A Place
    If you want to be get your own dedicated space for a camp
  • Tenthouse
    If you want a little luxury.
  • Rockwool Shelter
    If you want solid roof over your head.
  • Caravan camping
    If you want to bring your own caravan.
  • MC camping
    If you want to bring you MC.
  • Sleep-in busses
    If you arrive by bus and want to sleep in it.
  • Transportation 
    Transportation solutions if you want to arrive easy and conveniently at Roskilde Festival
  • Parking
    If you arrive by car
  • Volt – recharging service
    If you don’t want to run out of power on your mobile

Remember, these are add-on offers – so you must have a regular festival ticket as well.


Photo: Lars Just

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