until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Tuesday 18.06.13

Special parking for Roskilde Rideshare cars

Fill your car with fellow festivalgoers to get access to a special reserved parking and a chance to win 2014 tickets for everyone in the car

We encourage everybody to use public transportation to get to Roskilde Festival, but if you're planning to drive, we encourage you to fill up your car. It's both more green, you'll maybe get to meet new people, and if you are using the Ants ridesharing service you'll gain even more benefits.

Special parking for 200 Roskilde Rideshare cars
The first 200 cars participating in Roskilde Rideshare with Ants are eligible for a reserved and free parking spot, if at least 4 people are sharing the ride.

Sign up using Ants and fill your car, or join an existing ride. When a car has at least 4 people in it (driver included), Ants will mail the driver a special parking permit he or she will need to print and stick on the front windshield of the car, plus directions of how to get to the reserved areas (there will be one both in East and West). Both driver and passengers must have a profile on Ants.

Win Roskilde Festival 2014 tickets for everyone in the car
To spice it up we are putting up tickets for next years festival for the passengers of no less than two lucky cars. Saturday 6 July at "around noon" we will check out the cars at the reserved parking areas and randomly pick two cars with "Roskilde Rideshare permits" in the window. Both cars will win Roskilde Festival 2014 tickets for everyone in the car. Ants will contact the winners directly.

If you want to share a ride to Roskilde Festival, follow the “How to” guide. 

Join Roskilde Rideshare with Ants

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