until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Tuesday 23.07.13

Storify your Roskilde experience and win

Tell us YOUR story from Roskilde Festival 2013 using Storify and win tickets to next year’s festival.

Imagine all the stories taking shape when 130,000 people are gathered at Roskilde. Just have a look at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll see many pieces of Roskilde stories. But each photo, tweet or text message is just a fragment of a full story.

We now invite you to put the pieces together and tell the story. Your story – a Roskilde day in the life of [you insert the rest].

Do it well and you just might win tickets to Roskilde 2014.

How does it work?
We’re building this contest around Storify. Go to storify.com and create a user. Then click ‘create story’. This gives you a blank sheet. Think of a narrative and start filling in the blanks. You can embed all kinds of social media content in your story, and you can put your comments inbetween the elements.

A few creative obstructions
We have a few creative obstructions you have to take into consideration:

  • Your story must be public
  • The content has to be from or about Roskilde Festival 2013
  • Your text must be in English
  • You must use content from minimum two social media (feel free to use more)
  • Throw in a link to www.roskilde-festival.dk at the bottom of your Storify post
  • The social media content you embed must be posted before today – in other words: you can’t just produce your own social content and embed it
  • Your story can be both true-to-life and totally unrealistic – as long as it’s told in a creative way

When your story is finished, send a link to the story to competition@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk – you can also post the link on our Facebook page or tweet the link to us.

Here’s our humble example on how a story could look.

What can you win?
The person behind the best/most creative/crazy/funny/heartbreaking etc. story wins two tickets to Roskilde Festival 2014.

The three runner-ups win a limited edition Roskilde Festival T-shirt designed by Ron English.

Submit your Storify post before 7 August and you’re in the contest.

Let the storifying begin.


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