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Saturday 26.01.13

Synd Og Skam plays Roskilde Festival

The Danish post-punk band has impressed far and wide and now joins the 2013 lineup.

Last Saturday the 26th of January the Danish music critics were handing out awards to Danish artists they think deserve them.

The Danish band Synd og Skam were nominated in no less than three categories - Hope of the year, Band of the year and live act of the year.

They won 'Hope of the year' and at the same time, they could announce that they are going to perform at this years Roskilde Festival.

SYND OG SKAM is a new Danish band who's been praised far and wide. With pure poetry in Danish and semi-improvised post-punk, the Danes stir a very touching mélange of genres. So far, the noble savages have only released one EP but they're already a darling with both the audience, the critics – and Roskilde Festival.



Synd Og Skam has impressed far and wide with pure poetry in Danish and semi-improvised post-punk.


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