until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Monday 06.05.13

Taste everything!

From stone age food to the local fare of Faxe, in the new Food Court at Roskilde Festival

This year, Roskilde Festival will introduce a Food Court on the inner square. The selection will be substantial and diverse, yet with an intimate feel to the square. 

Here you can visit around 19 small market stalls, all serving two distinct dishes in order to create a happening and experimental dining area where you can experience all from traditional Danish family dishes to biodynamic food, paleo (stone age) diet, porridge and local cuisine based on ingredients from Lolland-Falster south of Copenhagen.

You will be able to taste a modern interpretation of signature dishes from the Faxe region – a crispy cabbage wrap, filled with beer braised beef, or steaming hot spring rolls and the Vietnamese national soup Phó from the food stall Crispy Hote. If you’re still undecided, then go for the paleo bolognese from PALÆO-Primal Gastronomy stall.

Roskilde Festival Food Court will be situated in Kvæghal B, in the Gloria area on the festival site.

If you can’t wait to taste all the delicacies in Roskilde Festival food, then visit our event, Orange Dinner, during Restaurant Day in Copenhagen May 18th.

Roskilde Food Court is supported by EU and Region Zealand through GRO.

Photo: Michael Flarup

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