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Friday 21.09.12

Roskilde Festival sends homeless football players to the World Cup

The Danish Homeless National Team is ready for the World Cup in Mexico, thanks to a donation from Roskilde Festival Charity Society.

 Denmark is among the 48 nations that participate in the 10th World Cup finals in football for homeless in Mexico City from 6 to 14 October.

But without Roskilde Festival Charity Society - and thereby Roskilde Festival’s festivalgoers and volunteers - the Danish players would not have been able to go.

“We are also affected by the financial crisis, and this year it has been difficult to make the finances cover the wide range of activities; one of which is the nationwide and very successful project Ombold Lokalt. So, without this great donation from Roskilde Festival we would have had to cancel”, says Martin S. Pedersen from Ombord; an organisation that tries to help socially marginalised people back to a normal life through football.


A difficult group
The Homeless National Team is in the World Cup finals for the 7th time. The draw placed the Danish team in Group A with Mexico, South Africa, Croatia, Canada and Haiti.
It is a bunch of young players with quite a high level, and they are well prepared, says national coach Janek Majewicz about the team.

“Our group is a difficult one, but our hope of proceeding from the group games and to improve our 17th placing from last year’s finals in Paris is a legitimate one. The fixture list hasn't been announced yet. Maybe we’ll meet Mexico in the opening match, and they're a favorite team to win the title”, continues Janek Majewicz.

Read more about Ombold here.

See more pictures of the National Team here.

Follow Ombord on Facebook here.


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Photo: Steven Biccard

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