until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Monday 08.07.13

Thanks to everyone for a great Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival has yet again proved to be the place where the performing artists are overwhelmed by a fantastic and engaged audience.

Roskilde Festival 2013 will be remembered as the year where festival guests took over a part of the campsite to co-create the innovative space Dream City. More than 1000 inhabitants of Dream City have shared, created and helped each other to improve and expand their perceptions of festival life.

Some of the festival guests already moved into the camping area back in March, and together they have created a post office, workshops, art, installations and even solar-powered lighting systems.

195 concerts were played over the course of eight days on eight stages, and Roskilde Festival’s guests have confirmed that they are an exceptional breed of festival-goers.

Rihanna was overwhelmed by the positive response to her show on Orange Stage, and American rapper Kendrick Lamar was unequivocal: “This is the best crowd in my career,” he proclaimed from the stage.

75 % of the bookings were debutants at Roskilde Festival, and names such as Sohn, Baby In Vain, Mø, and Asgeir Trausti saw their budding careers boosted, while the legends confirmed their star status.

American country singer Kris Kristofferson made the impossible possible when he took to Orange Stage – only accompanied by his guitar and harmonica – and created a sunny and inclusive concert while also enjoying that he played at the same stage as Metallica. The latter gave a powerful demonstration of an old-school rock show: “Do you want heavy?” declared lead singer James Hetfield, and continued: “‘tallica gives you heavy, baby”. And they did.

Apollo - the new stage for electronic music - landed in perfect style with a design and location that serves internationally acclaimed electronica idols, as well as more experimenting features. Baauer and Disclosure were both booked early in the festival season, and in the meantime, they exploded to become mega stars on the electronic skies. With the rest of Apollo’s lineup, they set the stage for future year’s electronic experiences.

Thanks to the audience – and not least: thanks to the 32,000 passionate volunteers for their spectacular efforts. 

Photo: Steffen Jørgensen

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