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Thursday 06.12.12

The 10 best ringtones are found

The competition gets harder and now 10 winner candidates are left in the contest of Roskilde Festival’s official ringtone.

The last month Roskilde audience has uploaded personal suggestions of how a true Roskilde Festival ringtone should sound. We have received 136 different ringtones composed by people from all over the world.

Now we have picked out 10 winner candidates, which we believe are the best ones to capture the ‘Roskilde Festival feeling’ – in only 30 seconds.

Among the 10 winner candidates you’ll find ringtones in many different genres, e.g.  rock, dance punk and electronica. And they are all contributing with their each and own unique sound and atmosphere.

Now the 10 finalists will be rated by our panel of hardcore Roskilde Festival guests, and then soon we’ll announce a final winner.


Special mentions…
We’d like to mention some of the ringtones, even though they weren’t picked as winner candidates.

For instance ringtone #122 is a very original composition about a worried mother who calls Roskilde Festival about her missing son – in very broken English.

The composer of ringtone #90 is a Belgian who’s hopelessly in love and looking for his loved one, a Danish girl. And he hopes that this contribution to the contest can help him on his quest to find her.

Both #141 and #142 are also worth listening to as they individually contain a lot of creativity and absolutely don’t sound like anything you’ve ever heard before.

Photo: Silas Staal

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