until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Friday 20.06.14

The 2014 Roskilde Festival App is now ready

Our official festival app is now ready for download for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Keep everything you need to know about Roskilde Festival in your pocket. In 2014 we introduce a brand new app.

Explore Roskilde Festival - and all we have to offer
Explore the #RF14 line-up in the official Roskilde Festival App. Listen to the bands, get recommendations for new bands based on your liked artists and create your own schedule.

These are just some of the possibilities that the new Roskilde Festival App offers. You will of course also be able to check out the festival map, find practical information and read about all the bands. As a brand new thing our 2014 app will also give you information about cool events and areas on the festival based on your location. Read more in Arts & Creation in the 2014 Roskilde Festival App (will be available in an update in the coming week, so remember to update your app before going to the festival).

We've been working with Greencopper and Ajukrezi (design) on this brand new app. Hope you'll enjoy it. 

Windows Phone app - we've got it!
We are extremely happy to be able to offer an official Windows Phone app to the festival-goers. Thanks to Bluefragments, we have updated and improved last years Windows Phone app - so nobody has to miss out on the Roskilde Festival app. 

Download the app here: 
Windows Phone

Download our brand new app

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