until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Thursday 06.02.14

The audience hand out profits to charity

Roskilde Festival participants help select charitable projects to receive donations .

As you may know, Roskilde Festival is 100 % non-profit – all the profit goes to charity. But without you there would be no profit, so we’d like you to help us decide who should benefit from it.

Back in September you could recommend charitable projects to receive some of the profits from last year’s festival under the name Your Donations.

Now eight projects receive a donation of app. DKK 56,000 each – because you suggested them:

  • Danish Deaf Youth Association – fighting for rights of the deaf, Denmark
  • Lüttville – art- and culture camp for kids from rough neighbourhoods, Germany
  • DFUNK Outreach – start dialogue between pupils in school and refugees, Denmark
  • Tamam – friends across nationalities and backgrounds, Sweden
  • Reframe The City (Plan DK) – active citizenship in Western Africa 
  • LOCO-Motivet – breaking taboos on mental health issues, Denmark
  • Mariatjenesten – activities for socially vulnerable people in Vesterbro, Denmark
  • PB43 – cultural network and active citizenship for young people at Amager, Denmark

We are overwhelmed that more than 200 of you nominated a project. Thank you for putting time and effort into Your Donations. 

We’ll do a new round of Your Donations after Roskilde Festival 2014 – we hope you will send us more recommendations then.

Read more about Your Donations here.

Here are five festivalgoers telling us who they nominated and why:

Foto: Per Lange

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