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Monday 13.05.13

The best app-ideas have been selected

Now it’s time to turn the ideas into festival-apps.

The winners of the Roskilde LABS idea contest have been found. Almost 70 ideas were submitted and three great ideas selected:

Fix my Festival by Martin Buch: an app that lets you tip festival officials about a problem that needs fixing. You take a picture and/or describe the problem and tag it with the GPS-location.

Music for Money by Mads Møller: a fundraiser app that allows concert-goers to raise money for charity by collecting donations from pledges for going to concerts.

Roskilde mAPP by Rasmus Fly Filbert: an app that combines the social life of the festival with the tracking of data for the festival to use to improve the festival experience.

Now it’s time to get coding

The app contest has already started and dedicated festival-goers are coding away to make the best possible festival app. For more info on the app contest go to the Roskilde LABS website. Deadline for submitting your app is 1 June 2013. 

Roskilde LABS

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