until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 14.05.14

The full schedule is out now

We also add five new acts to the line-up.

Does your list of favourite acts match a perfect schedule without clashes and impossible choices? Or can you just make it if you do a Usain Bolt sprint between the stages?

Every year the release of the schedule is met with great expectations among our thousands of Roskilde-goers. Who plays when and where – and not least, at the same time as whom?

We're working until the eleventh hour to make the schedule as flawless as possible. And although all imaginable considerations have been made, it is difficult to avoid the experience of clashes for certain parts of the audience. The Roskilde crowd seens to be loving all kinds of music across genres.

Four new acts
In addition to the schedule we can also reveal four new additions to the line-up: Danish songwriter Nikolaj Nørlund, 11-man-tall dancehall party machine Seeed from Berlin, the American indie singstress EMA, the Danish trap producer Faustix – and DJ Food, DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot will deliver the show 3 Way Mix, a tribute to Beastie Boys' iconic sample masterpiece Paul's Boutique, which the three DJs have spent three years re-thinking and re-shaping using more than 150 original vinyl samples.

We know from experience that alterations may occur until last minute. Don’t forget to check the final edition of the schedule before the music kicks off!


While looking at the schedule, you might as well listen to our official playlist.

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