until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Wednesday 29.05.13

The small band schedule is ready

The time slots for all concerts on the stages Apollo Countdown and Pavilion Junior are now filled out. We also announce the last acts for the Apollo Countdown stage.

The band schedule for the first days of the festival is now ready. You can now see exactly when your personal favourites among the solid, Nordic line-up will play.


A Danish bouquet of electronic acts
On the band schedule you will find a variety of acts we announce below. They are the final acts for Apollo Countdown:

BWOY THE BHAJAN produces chilled electronica with an Indian taste and a penchant for the more experimental outposts from the electronic scene.

FELIX DE LUCA is one of the most promising MCs and English-language rappers from the Danish underground. It's almost hard to believe that this artist is Danish.

GHOST VENUE combines contemporary and future electro with old soul and funk. On stage a live drummer breathes extra life into the music.

NONSENSE gets the party started and makes your inner adrenaline neon green in a surprising mix of rave, electro, hip hop and trap.

ROBEAT BOYS possess an arsenal of synths, vocoders and horny bass lines. Any tendency to stand still is at risk during the meeting with this duo’s beats and infectious vocal melodies.

The big band schedule will soon follow
We’re working hard at getting the band schedule for the final four festival days into place. We hope to have it ready next week.


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