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Thursday 27.09.12

This year's winners of Roskilde VideoMarathon are found

For the second year in a row VideoMarathon was held at Roskilde Festival. Last Monday, the winners were announced in the two film categories, music video and short film.

The winner of the music video award is 23-year-old Lasse Bille. Lasse is a still image photographer and is studying at Vera - School of Art and Design. The winner of the 'short film' award is 17-year-old Freya Mølvig Exner. Freya has made films since she was 10 years old, and she has previously won a kids’ VideoMarathon and an audience prize. Congratulations to them both!

The theme for the short film category was 'the first time', and the music video was made for the song "Når jeg stikker af" (when I run away) by the Danish group Dig & Mig.

The two lucky winners won tickets to Roskilde Festival 2013 and a Nikon D5100 SLR camera including microphones.

Decided by audience vote
The winners of the two categories were found by audience vote. Among all audience votes we have drawn two winners, Max Madsen and Christine Majbritt Nielsen, who have won tickets to Roskilde Festival 2013.

The group Dig & Mig selected the five nominees for the category music video while a jury selected the five nominees for the short films’ category.

The winners:


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