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Monday 11.06.12

Use Wi-Fi at this year’s festival

This year we offer Wi-Fi to all festival goers. The initiative is launched to strengthen and upgrade the internet options and to relieve the mobile phone network during the festival.

To give you the best online experience  we now offer Wi-Fi at Roskilde Festival 2012. The Wi-Fi initiative is so far a pilot experiment and will cover selected parts of the festival area with a maximum of 20.000 users on a first-come basis.

35 DKK for the entire festival
The connection costs 35 DKK (approx 5 Euro) and operates during the entire festiva in the following areas: City center East/West, Pavilion, The Oval/Gloria and all Agoras.

To get on the Wi-Fi net in the above  mentioned areas you have to connect to the open wireless net – FestivalNet. Here,  through a web-interface,  you can then  buy access and log on.

More mobile telephone masts and better network
We also collaborate with all the major telephone companies about optimising and expanding the mobile phone coverage in the area. This means more phone masts and a faster and more stable network for both  festival guests and volunteers at the festival.

See the areas with Wi-Fi connection on the map

Foto: Øystein Kvanneid

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