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Tuesday 10.04.12

“We can make sure they are doing okay”

Roskilde Festival Charity Society has donated DKK 40,000 to the Danish social project Morgencafé for Hjemløse.

By: Martha Louise Madsen

It has not become easier to be homeless or marginalised since 1989 when Morgencafé for Hjemløse was established, the project’s day to day manager Michael Esbensen notes.

Morgencafé for Hjemløse is located by the Kapernaum church in the north-western part of Copenhagen and it is a social project which provides counselling and guidance to e.g. the homeless, mentally ill, alcoholics and drug abusers. Roskilde Festival has just donated DKK 40,000 of last year’s profit to Morgencafé’s work.

Among other things, Morgencafé will use the donation for buying food for those that use the café, who are living on the edge of society and for whom it is becoming increasingly hard to be rehabilitated into a society that makes higher and higher demands.

”These are the people that we take care of in Morgencafé for Hjemløse. We cannot eliminate homelessness, but we can make sure that they are doing okay when they are at our café,” says Michael Esbensen from Morgencafé for Hjemløse.

The drop-in centre has about 1200-1500 visitors every month and it is open Monday to Friday 47 weeks a year.

Read more about their work on www.morgencafeen.dk (Danish only)


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