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Friday 29.11.13

We start announcing the first acts for 2014 next week

Look forward to music announcements (almost) throughout next week - and we're all over the genre map.

We have worked hard on getting the first music acts ready.

We had planned to start the 2014 season with a big name - but sometimes the negotiations can be a lengthy affair.

Therefore, we asked all you Roskilde fans and music lovers on Facebook if you wanted to wait a bit longer for this year's headliners. Or if you just wanted us to start releasing some surprises from the extensive 2014 line-up now.

You chose the latter. So, we’re preparing quite a handful in a package showing the true Roskilde diversity.

Next week is reserved for Roskilde announcements. This means that we’re revealing acts for the 2014 poster Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

And we’ll make sure to be all over the genre map. Look forward to both rock, hip hop, metal, pop and electronica - as some kind of concentrate of that unpredictable diversity that is Roskilde. And then you’ll get the big guns later in the season.

We’ll announce the acts one by one on our Facebook page, and we add them continuously to our band list.

So start looking forward!

Photo: Michael Rønne Rasmussen

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