Saturday 15.12.12

When Saints Go Machine visits Roskilde Festival 2013

The internationally acclaimed Danish band returns to Roskilde with a new album.

In 2010 they opened the Orange Stage as a relatively obscure act. In 2013 they return to Roskilde with great international interest to their name.

WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE (DK) plays flamboyant, electronic pop – fronted by the incomparably versatile singer Nikolaj Vonsild. Their impressionistic sound is permeated by a desire to experiment. Yet, the melodies and the delicate sway of the hips are never abandoned. And their latest single "Mannequin" demonstrates that the towering ambitions are unlikely to be lowered on the next album. It’s planned for release in 2013 when the Copenhagen dandies visit Roskilde Festival for the third time.


Photo: Mads Perch

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