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Thursday 17.10.13

Which bands do you want to hear at Roskilde Festival 2014?

Send us your wishes and put your mark on the next Roskilde Festival poster.

From today and until 6 November you can send us five band wishes.

The music booking for Roskilde Festival 2014 has already started. But these are still early days and anything can happen. And none of us know which names will be featured on the final poster.

It’s important for us to get your input on who should be on stage. Audience suggestions are an invaluable source of inspiration and knowledge. Even if we can’t fulfill all the thousands of wishes with a finished poster containing “just” 200 artists.

Your wishes make a difference
The band wishes are an important help for us, enabling us to follow the popularity of the large rock giants. We also receive hints from the audience about lesser-known artists or the impact of a new sub-genre. Another scenario finds three bands of a certain genre in the top 10 without us being able to book any of them. In that case we can use the wishes as a means to consider other solid, related names.

Your influence is very tangible. No matter if you wish for night club or stadium acts, this overview always serves as a great reality check.

Follow the link below to our Facebook platform and submit your five wishes.


Photo: Peter Troest
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