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Wednesday 16.01.13

Young energy ready to take Roskilde Festival 2013

Angel Haze, The Bots and King Krule add an extra glow of youth and freshness to the lineup.

Today's music acts may not be that old. Yet, their music is imbued with a confidence, weight and maturity you would associate with much older acts.

ANGEL HAZE (US) is one of the new strong women of hip hop. The energetic amazon caused a stir with her version of Eminem's "Cleaning Out My Closet" in which she raps about a sexual assault. "I run New York," is the chorus from her signature song. We bet she includes Roskilde when she drops by.

THE BOTS (US) master punk rock'n'roll, aiming for both the melodies and the carnal groove. As a matter of course, they find an unprecedented point on the colour scheme of retro rock. Brothers Mikaiah and Anaiah Lei have fine-tuned their skills on the electric guitar and the drums since childhood – and they released their first album when they were 15 and 12, respectively.

KING KRULE (UK) might end up as the melancholic voice of his generation. He serves up his depressive songs in a melodic blend of blues, jazz and reverb-wrapped pop. Previous projects from the East London troubadour also indicate a familiarity with dubstep and hip hop. It is hopefully only in the young Brit’s lyrics that his future looks sooty and black.

From Rihanna to small upcoming acts
Yesterday we announced superstar Rihanna. But our heart also beats for the upcoming and still waiting-to-be-big acts. Whatever your prefer – the big headliners or the completely fresh acts – Roskilde Festival has lots of goodies on offer.


The Bots master punk rock'n'roll, aiming for both the melodies and the carnal groove.

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