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Your Donations: The festivalgoers decide

At the beginning of September 2013 Roskilde Festival launches the Your Donation campaign, where festivalgoers can nominate donation projects and decide who should have a share in the profit from Roskilde Festival.

By: Dan Wichmand Frederiksen

As of spring 2013, 189 million is the amount Roskilde Festival Charity Society has donated to non-profit purposes, since the beginning of the 1970’s. Festivalgoers have created the profit by buying a ticket, a meal or a beer. Roskilde Festival will donate the entire profit to non-profit projects before next year's festival.

Because Roskilde Festival's profit is generated by the festivalgoers the festival thinks they should have the opportunity to be part of deciding who should benefit from the money. That is why Roskilde Festival launches the campaign Your Donations where festivalgoers, through www.roskilde-festival.dk, are encouraged to nominate the project they think should have a share in the profits.

Who can nominate projects?
Everyone can nominate projects, but Roskilde Festival is interested in hearing from people who have been at the festival; these nominations will be prioritised.

What projects can be nominated?
Maybe you know someone who has an urban garden, someone who is starting a non-profit café or maybe you know a non-profit organisation in Malmö or in Mozambique that you think Roskilde Festival should support - or something completely different. the important thing is that it is a non-profit project - meaning, benefiting a wider group of people.

What are the criteria for a project receiving a donation?
In order for Roskilde Festival to give a donation to a project or an organisation it has to be:


  • beneficial to children and young people.
  • non-profit, meaning benefiting a wider group of people, and covering culture, humanitarian work, sustainability, education, political work or something similar.
  • It must also comply with CHANGE 2013 by focusing on citizenship, social responsibility and sustainable development of the city.


Emphasis will be put on these subjects as a whole, but the most important is your own motivation as festivalgoer at Roskilde Festival. In November 2013 we will collect the nominated projects and select those that cover the points above the best.



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