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“Your generosity helps us to be generous”

A new organisation wants to show the Danish generosity and give children and young people from poor families some good experiences. Roskilde Festival Charity Society have donated DKK 50,000 to Oplevelsesbanken.

By: Jeppe Lund

– I hope it becomes Denmark’s newest effort at showing the Danish generosity. Says the president of Oplevelsesbanken, Henrik appel Esbensen, about the new organisation, which wants to give children and young people from poor families some good experiences in culture, nature and sport.

– We have seen experience companies that have extra tickets which they want to give to children and young people who would not have had the chance to get those experiences, he explains.

By arranging the contact between cinemas, circuses and sports clubs and organisations like the Danish Refugee Council, Blue Cross and Red Cross, we will facilitate more good experiences for children and young people from socioeconomically disadvantaged families.

Roskilde opens doors
– We do this because of the 65,000 children that live in poverty, he says with a reference to numbers from the Danish Economic Council of the Labour Movement.

– We do not define poverty, but we respond to the fact that a lot of children do not get the experiences that my children get, explains Henrik Appel Esbensen, who is very happy to receive the DKK 50,000 that Roskilde Festival Charity Society has donated.

– It means so much! And of course it also opens some doors. Roskilde Festival has rubber-stamped a very good project, says the president.

He compares the basic values of Oplevelsesbanken with those of Roskilde Festival. Like the festival, Oplevelsesbanken is also based on volunteers, and he thinks that both organisations are about giving.

– When you have a surplus of something, you have the opportunity to give. That is also what you do in Roskilde Festival. Your generosity helps us to be generous, he says.

Oplevelsesbanken expects to arrange at least 5,000 experiences for children and young people every year. 

The volunteers in Oplevelsesbanken want to arrange 5,000 experiences every year for children and young people.

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