until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Thursday 05.09.13

Your profits - your donations

Help us decide who should get the profits from Roskilde Festival.

Since the early 1970s the charity society behind Roskilde Festival has donated around 25.4 million euro to charitable projects. 

No profit without participants. It’s when you and the other festival-goers buy a ticket, a meal or a beer that Roskilde Festival makes a profit. All of which we have to hand out to charitable projects before next year’s festival.

You ensure the profit. So, of course, you should be able to help decide who should benefit from it.

With Your Donations we encourage you and the other participants to suggest projects to get money from Roskilde Festival.

Who can suggest projects?
Anyone can suggest projects but we are interested in hearing from you, the participants of Roskilde Festival, and it’s your suggestions, we will prioritise.

What kind of projects can I suggest?
Maybe you know of an urban garden, are in the process of opening a non-profit cafe, or you know of a charitable organisation in Malmö or Mozambique that you think Roskilde Festival should support – or something else.

In order for Roskilde Festival to support a project or organisation it must be:

  • of benefit to children and young people.
  • charitable, meaning that it must benefit a certain wider group of people, and be about culture, humanitarian work, sustainability, education, political work or something else.
  • fit into our campaign CHANGE 2013 by focusing on citizenship and a social responsible and sustainable development of society.

We compile the nominated projects and select those that fit the bullets above the best.

October 1 is the last chance to nominate a project.


Photo: Malte Pedersson

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