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Wednesday 12.09.12

Your support bears fruit

Every third African is now middle class. Today 2 billion people have access to clean drinking water. The number of children dying every day has decreased by 12,000. Roskilde Festival donates DKK 250,000 to DanChurchAid, which is one of the main organisations behind the information campaign World’s Best News.

Half of UN’s eight 2015 goals of eradicating global poverty and suffering have already been reached, and the rest of the goals are well on their way. That means, for one, better living conditions in the developing world; including clean drinking water, lower child mortality rate and more prosperity.

Thank you to Roskilde Festivalgoers
World’s Best News explains all of it. How your help makes a difference, and why we cannot stop now. DanChurchAid cooperates with a number of other charities on the campaign, which focuses on the positive and lasting results that have been reached in the world’s most poor countries within the last few years.

Roskilde Festival donates DKK 250,000 to DanChurchAid, that among other things work towards getting children to go to school, lowering the child mortality rate and fighting hunger in the third world.

Your support bears fruit
Friday 14 September 2,000 volunteers will hand out 120,000 bags containing a free apple and a newspaper, with articles on all the goals we have reached. The hand-out takes place on more than 100 train stations, squares and pedestrian streets in Denmark. Keep an eye out for the happy volunteers Friday morning and get a piece of fruit and some good news to go on your way.

Read more about the campaign at www.verdensbedstenyheder.dk (Danish mostly). Here, you can also take part in a competition where you have to answer whether the Swedish or the Rwandan parliament has the most women. Join the competition here and win a trip to an African country of your own choice.

Roskilde Festival donates entire profit
We donate all the profit from Roskilde Festival to cultural and non-profit work benefitting people all over the world. As festivalgoer you are part of ensuring this.


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