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Youth Meeting on Christiansø receives donation

With CHANGE, Roskilde Festival 2013 puts focus on citizenship. That is why Roskilde Festival supported a completely new initiative, where young people can be part of finding solutions to problems that concern them. The initiative is called Youth Meeting on Christiansø and happened simultaneously with the People Meeting on Bornholm.

By: Dan Wichmand Frederiksen

On Saturday 15 June 2013 almost 200 young people went to the Danish island of Christiansø to have their own Youth Meeting. Through a day of workshops the young people came up with a number of recommendations and suggestions as to how politicians, the youths and the labour market can solve the problems connected with youth unemployment in Denmark. After the Youth Meeting the four recommendations were presented to the Danish politician Bertel Haarder, who organised the People Meeting.    

About the Youth Meeting
The Youth Meeting was organised by YouGlobe, the young people’s think tank. It was the first year of this alternative meeting for the youth. At the Youth Meeting young people from completely different political and social groups were gathered for a six hour long political happening.

14 percent of the Danish youth is unemployed
“The Youth Meeting takes place on Christiansø because the quiet of the island and its remote location offers the young people an opportunity to be immersed in the subject without adult intervention. We want to create a platform outside of the norm, where young people can meet across political beliefs and other biased views to work on a concrete problem concerning all of us. Our goal is to create controversy with the Youth Meeting, and that the youth will be invited back to the debate where it belongs now and in the future” says Olav Hesseldahl, spokesperson for YouGlobe and organiser of the Youth Meeting on Christiansø.   

The youth is part of the debate
Every year Roskilde Festival has one focus, and in 2013 it is citizenship. Under the title CHANGE Roskilde Festival encourages festivalgoers to create change through participation. Furthermore, Roskilde Festival Charity Society supports several organisations with focus on citizenship. You can meet some of them in Dream City Makerspace during Roskilde Festival. Read more here http://roskilde-festival.dk/about_roskilde/change/


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