Norwegian acts to Roskilde Festival
Roskilde Festival presents I Was A King and Lukestar.

The expo and music festival by:Larm is about to start in Oslo. Roskilde Festival marks the event by presenting a couple of acts that both Norwegians and music lovers in general can look forward to at this summer’s Roskilde Festival.

I WAS A KING (N) is audibly inspired by the 90s noise rock scene but adds a 60s-ish element of evergreen innocence and honey-marinated melodies. Front man Frode Strømstad is the centre from where the good tunes are pouring, but numerous strong forces from the Norwegian music scene often appear on the band’s records, among others, members from Harrys Gym, Serena-Maneesh and 120 Days.

LUKESTAR (N) plays melodious falsetto pop, appealing to anyone with the slightest appreciation for bands such as Mew or Sigur Rós. Lead singer Truls Heggero has an high pitched, frail voice and the rest of the band create angelic melodies and turbulent arrangements that sound as if they were made from a unique mixture of inland ice and helium.

A powerful touch of Roskilde Festival at by:Larm
If you are so lucky to be at by:Larm in Oslo in the following days, Roskilde Festival presents a stage at the Jaeger venue – read the programme for RF@BY:LARM here.

You can also experience today’s two announcements at by:Larm.  

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Lukestar - photo: Jørgen Gomnæs

I Was A King


See you at Roskilde Festival 30 June - 3 July 2011. Warm-up 26 - 29 June.
The camp site opens 25 June at 18:00.