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Roskilde audience find the stars of tomorrow
Roskilde Festival opens for requests for Pavilion Junior, the stage for promising Nordic acts.

Who should play on Roskilde Festival's Pavilion Junior stage?

The festival would like to hear what the audience think. Until 5 February the audience can request up to three acts they think deserve some time in the spotlight.

Pavilion Junior is the stage for young talent during Roskilde Festival's warm-up days, this year playing from 1 - 4 July. Here the acts of tomorrow play concerts before they might be ready to fly on to the bigger stages.

Roskilde Festival's booking agent Stefan Gejsing says:

"We see it as one of our foremost tasks to present new music. Pavilion Junior has become a key platform for new bands, and the attention surrounding the stage is great from both the underground and the more established music industry."

7 rules-of-thumb
Roskilde Festival has seven rules-of-thumb for the requests. The requested artists ...

  1. must be primarily from the Nordic countries
  2. are unknown to the general festival audience
  3. have never played at Roskilde Festival before
  4. deserve a career boost, in your opinion
  5. represent a genre variation similar to that found on Roskilde Festival's other stages
  6. have the courage to play in front of 2000 people
  7. kick ass, make blood freeze, hair stand on end, heads shake, dance shoes glow, etc.

See you at Roskilde Festival 5 – 8 July 2012
(warm-up from 30 June to 4 July)