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Roskilde Festival dishes up ambitious food events
Low-budget wine tasting, parting out a pig and porridge workshops. Roskilde Festival dishes up the most ambitious food event programme in the history of the festival.

Eating is about much more than just being full – even when you are at Roskilde Festival. Under the headline 'More Than Eating' Roskilde Festival presents an extensive and exciting food event ​​programme.

“Our audience is known for having to have a great community when it comes to partying, going to concerts and camping together, but often the meals are something that’s quickly dealt with on the way to the next concert. We hope to change this with this year’s food events,” says Christina Bilde, Roskilde Festival’s spokeswoman.

This year ’More Than Eating’ events take place near the Gloria-stage. Here famous pop-up restaurateurs, confectioners, porridge-makers and wine-enthusiasts stand ready in the kitchen and at the community tables to give the audience a well-deserved break from camp food and canned beers.

From low-budget wine tasting to porridge workshops
Which white wine can actually be enjoyed at 27 degrees Celsius? Thursday 5 July, the ‘More Than Eating’ programme is kick started with a low-budget wine tasting event. Wine bloggers Marc and Lars serve Bag-in-a-Box and ‘cardboard’ wine samples. And after a few hours in their company, participants will leave red-cheeked and a whole lot wiser on the wonders of low-budget wines.

Porridge workshop
One of the hottest breakfast trends at the moment is also part of this year’s food event programme. The two young owners of the restaurant GRØD from Copenhagen invite all early birds to make their own steaming hot porridge. Participants will be busy in the workshop where everybody helps out milling the grain, stirring the porridge and choosing the right topping, while the experts share their tips and tricks to this healthy and Nordic breakfast treat. 

See the full ’More Than Eating’ programme

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Roskilde Festivals spokeswoman
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