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The Stage Design of Apollo Will Be Otherworldly and Unique
Roskilde Festival’s new electronic stage has found its shape. With its futuristic, cocoon-like appearance Apollo is unlike anything, Roskilde (or any other festival) has featured before.

Apollo, Roskilde Festival’s new electronic stage, is ready.

“It is wonderful to have found the right, cutting-edge design to interact with the different kinds of electronic music, you will meet at the Apollo Stage”, says head of music Rikke Øxner. 

Apollo is inflatable, the colour orange and with an otherworldly, cocoon-like appearance, so that people might mistake it for some kind of UFO or mirage at the first encounter. Visuals and specially designed helium balloons will be an integrated part of the experience as soon as the music commences.

Drawn in Berlin, sown in Barcelona
Apollo’s design has been tendered at six studios as well as the usual suppliers of light and sound. The internationally acclaimed, Berlin-based studio p was chosen.In close interaction with Roskilde Festival they thought out the unique construction. Área Cúbica situated on the outskirts of Barcelona has sown the stage which we will receive in Roskilde shortly. 

The light design is by Michael Rahr, a true Roskilde veteran who has worked with design and production for many years. Roskilde Festival contacted him at one of his bases in Las Vegas, he immediately agreed to work with Apollo as well. The result is a powerful lighting which no doubt will be an attraction, especially after sunset.

Experienced Expertise Regarding Sound
The Apollo sound system is the most recent Martin MLA system, which Roskilde Festival already tested at the Orange Stage in 2010. It is delivered to Roskilde Festival by ETP, who has more than 15 years of experience with the delay system at the Orange Stage.

A serious advantage with the MLA system is how it manages to distribute the sound very accurately. This way people outside the camping area and outside the festival in general won’t be bothered. We are looking forward to the take-off for Apollo.

“With Apollo we are once again ahead of the pack taking our position seriously as the leading and most versatile music festival in Northern Europe. Also within the field of electronic music, a genre which is shooting in a lot of different directions right now,” says head of music Rikke Øxner. 

During our warm-up days from 1 to 4 July we present Nordic, electronic artists at the stage – during this period we have named the stage Apollo Countdown.

Apollo in numbers

  • Width: 21.5 meters
  • Height: 9 meters
  • Depth: 13 meters
  • Design: Studio p
  • Produktion: Área Cúbica (3-4 technicians and engineers involved, 4 seamstresses) 
  • The tent material is orange on the outside, black on the inside
  • Is made from 3 components, only takes few minutes to inflate.
  • Helium balloons 3 x 4 meter
Download a press photo of Apollo

Watch a short video about Apollo

See you at Roskilde Festival 5 – 8 July 2012
(warm-up from 30 June to 4 July)