TV On The Radio to Roskilde Festival 2011
The American band is added to the main programme together with Alcoholic Faith Mission and Per Vers. The festival also adds 4 Guys From The Future, Essence and Reptile & Retard to the upcoming stage.

Today Roskilde Festival adds three acts to the festival programme and three bands to the Pavilion Junior stage for upcoming music. Today's music package is figureheaded by a Brooklyn band that has really left its mark on the alternative music scene since its first release in 2003.

TV ON THE RADIO (US) manages like few others to balance rock, soul, funk and post-punk and to mix experiments with catchy tunes, resulting in a standing ovation from both music fans and critics. In the course of four albums, TV On The Radio have developed and refined their expression – and the latest album, Nine Types of Light, shows a band unafraid of using festive and upbeat elements. In David Sitek, the band has a masterful sound architect creating depth in the many musical layers. But when TV On The Radio comes on stage, they come to life as a hot and hard-working rock'n'roll band.

Today's music package also offers up a couple of Danish acts for the festival programme, playing from 30 June to 3 July.

ALCOHOLIC FAITH MISSION (DK) sounds like an army of hopeless romantics with drum machines and acoustic guitars as their weapons. The big world has already started paying attention to the Danish band. Experience a band that by all fairness should become the next big Danish indie export.

PER VERS (DK) is a Danish rap icon at the top of his game. He has just released the album Ego on which he deals with thoughtful subjects such as family and relationships. In concert Per Vers really radiates a special charisma that is hard to resist, just like his music.

Music on Junior
Roskilde Festival is still looking to fill the final slots on the upcoming stage Pavilion Junior, playing in the festival's warm-up days from 26 to 29 June. Today's package includes three Danish additions to the stage.

4 GUYS FROM THE FUTURE play intricate art-pop with nods towards both the US and England, ESSENCE plays fast and hard thrash metal with both complexity and depth while REPTILE & RETARD deliver tight electro pop with an energy that can make most people gasp for breath.



See you at Roskilde Festival 30 June - 3 July 2011. Warm-up 26 - 29 June.
The camp site opens 25 June at 18:00.