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Unfortunate incident at the tower by the aerial cableway
Roskilde Festival and Tuborg are much affected by the tragic incident where a woman was killed after falling from the tower by the aerial cableway at Roskilde Festival.

The police have identified the person as a 35-year-old woman from the Berlin area. On their website the police state that nothing suggests that this was an act of crime. Witnesses saw the woman step out on a platform outside the fence from where she fell down. The police are of the opinion that it was an unfortunate incident.

The woman’s relatives have not been informed of the death yet, and therefore the police cannot give more details about the woman.

The police have examined the place carefully at the assistance of The Danish Working Environment Service, and the investigation has not given rise to any remarks from the service regarding the construction of the tower.

The tower and the aerial cableway have been cleared by the police after a technical review by Force Technology. To go up in the tower and use the cableway one must pass through three security checks at the entrance, by the elevator and before using the cableway. Visibly intoxicated persons have not been admitted.

All open audience areas are surrounded by a 124 cm security fence.

All usage of the tower and the cableway was stopped immediately after the accident.

The festival’s team of social workers has provided counseling for witnesses to accident.

The tower is a half-pyramid-shaped container structure consisting of 78 20-foot containers with a length of 29 metres and a height of 31 metres.

For further information
Christina Bilde, spokeswoman
P: (+45) 46 36 66 13