News 2012

Live-streams from Roskilde Festival concerts
fredag 06.07.12
Selected concert from the stages at Roskilde Festival will be streamed live on the web.
Must-have smartphone apps
torsdag 05.07.12
Smooth cooperations between Roskilde Festival Labs and festival guests have resulted in several ingenious smar...
CAMP OF THE DAY: Let the doctors ease your pain!
torsdag 05.07.12
At camp of the day medical students finds a cure for every disease you might have on the bottom of a bottle. P...
Roskilde Festival 2012 is sold out
torsdag 05.07.12
We are all out of standard all-week tickets. If you act fast, you can still buy a Get A Tent ticket or a one-d...
Roskilde Higgshunt – Post the particle
torsdag 05.07.12
Roskilde Festival would love to have some good photos of the Higgs-particles, and draught beer are on us for t...
Working on it...
onsdag 04.07.12
While you are waiting for Orange, it is a work in progress. This is how it looked wednesday at noon. The big a...
Parking lots are crowded
onsdag 04.07.12
Only very few vacancies in the parking lots are left
Camp of the Day: Boom-Burt starts the party in Camp Burt Reynolds
onsdag 04.07.12
The inhabitants of Camp of the Day love Burt Reynolds! The stereo is called Boom-Burt, they have developed a n...
One-day tickets are now available as print@home
tirsdag 03.07.12
As a special service it is now an option to buy your Roskilde Festival one-day ticket and print it out at home...
Camp of the Day: Tennis players serve the environment
tirsdag 03.07.12
Camp Roskilde Open is much more than tennis and hangovers.
Tuesday’s Camp of the Day features a solar-powere...
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