News 2012

DJ Static closes the festival with a mega show on the Arena Stage
tirsdag 12.06.12
Roskilde Festival’s second biggest stage turns into a gigantic hip hop explosion Sunday night.
Dream City is under construction: From idea to festival
tirsdag 12.06.12
The festival is approaching rapidly and a brand-new festival city is developing. Ideas are being turned into r...
Use Wi-Fi at this year’s festival
mandag 11.06.12
This year we offer Wi-Fi to all festival goers. The initiative is launched to strengthen and upgrade the inter...
Travel through music history with Roskilde Festival and WIMP
mandag 11.06.12

When did U2 play on Orange stage? What's the name of the band you heard on Cosmopol in 2010? And how exactly...
Win a ride to Roskilde Festival - including all-week tickets
søndag 10.06.12
From your home to Roskilde and back - with your very own chauffeur.
Reproduce a Björk album cover and win tickets + transportation
fredag 08.06.12
Be creative without using any digital tools and get a chance to win tickets and transportation to Roskilde Fes...
Gossip is ready for Roskilde Festival 2012
onsdag 06.06.12
Lee Fields, Gentleman, Niklas and Spillemændene are also added to the lineup.
Are you street?
tirsdag 05.06.12
Street City presents shows in the skate area, street art, live acts, competitions and Rap Slam Battles.
Apparatjik lands on Orange Stage late Thursday
mandag 04.06.12
The international super group offers up a cosmic sensual bombardment under the night sky.
See the map of Roskilde Festival 2012
lørdag 02.06.12
How do the areas look this year? Where should I camp? And what new initiatives are there at the festival site?...
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