News 2012

Kellermensch opens the Orange Stage
torsdag 31.05.12
The experimental rock band's third visit at Roskilde Festival sends them up on the top floor of music Scandina...
Get ready for a mouth-watering festival
tirsdag 29.05.12
Low-budget wine tasting, grilled pig, juice and porridge workshops. Take a break between the concerts and wake...
We reveal the Orange opener on Thursday
mandag 28.05.12
The guessing has already started. On Thursday you find out who will be the first act on Roskilde Festival's mi...
Musical obsession at the Gloria stage
fredag 25.05.12
Hamadcha Sufi Tariqa completes the programme of obsessive, ethnic music on Roskilde Festival’s smallest stage.
Meet Charlie Todd from Improv Everywhere
torsdag 24.05.12
Charlie Todd from Improv Everywhere talks about the cool projects that await us at this year's festival - Amon...
Dr. John to play Roskilde Festival 2012
onsdag 23.05.12
The legend from New Orleans is added to the lineup along with electronic summer sounds from Africa Hitech and ...
Throw the dice and win tickets to Roskilde 2012
torsdag 17.05.12
Come up with your own set of rules to The Roskilde Festival Dice Game, submit them and get a chance to win tic...
Unleash your inner filmmaker at Roskilde Festival
onsdag 16.05.12
VideoMarathon at Roskilde Festival challenges you to shoot and edit a film in 48 hours.
Get ready to climb the pyramid
tirsdag 15.05.12
Performance artist Charlie Todd has chosen the winner of the Dream City contest that will bring his concept ‘S...
Can you compose a fantastic application for seeking asylum, giving you the “golden ticket”?
søndag 13.05.12
This year's Statement campaign focuses on young asylum seekers and the conditions they face in Denmark.
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