News 2012

Nordic music added to Roskilde 2012 lineup
onsdag 21.03.12
Dead Skeletons, Sivert Høyem, Niki & The Dove and Of The Wand And The Moon add Nordic darkness and magic to th...
Will they let you in when you ring the doorbell?
tirsdag 20.03.12
Five students and their wall made of doors have won first prize in the Build What Here contest.
Stay in H&M Reboot Camp
tirsdag 20.03.12
Once again we open the gates to H&M Reboot Camp at Roskilde Festival. The camp is an additional purchase on to...
Design the official Roskilde Festival 2012 sticker
mandag 19.03.12
Submit your design for this year's Roskilde Festival sticker and win 2 festival tickets. Short deadline.
Apply to become a volunteer at Roskilde Festival 2012
mandag 19.03.12
If you would like to volunteer at Roskilde then you must apply now. After 9 April it is too late.
Six bands will play as a part of Roskilde Road Trip in Sweden
søndag 18.03.12
Today we announce the six live acts who will play at the final showcase in Lund and Stockholm.
Join our blog and Rethink Roskilde
lørdag 17.03.12
A new blog invites you to take part in planning the future of Roskilde Festival.
Roskilde Labs from ideas to apps
torsdag 15.03.12
Four winners have been found in the idea contest and Roskilde Labs is ready to enter the next phase turning id...
Southern metal clash at Roskilde Festival
onsdag 14.03.12
Baroness, Crowbar, Red Fang and Weedeater as well as Hank3 are added to the lineup.
Roskilde Festival donates ambulance to Syria
onsdag 14.03.12
Danish newspaper Politiken's readers have donated money for an ambulance. Now Roskilde Festival Charity Societ...
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