News from 2013

Street City presents a strong line-up of professional skaters, new music and the hottest DJs.
onsdag 29.05.13
Once again Street City will offer entertainment from the top shelf, when professional skaters, bold street art...
Coffin Camp needs your help
tirsdag 28.05.13
The camp needs help getting their coffin stereo to Roskilde.
King Krule cancels festival dates
mandag 27.05.13
The talented British artist misses out on Roskilde Festival as well.
How to get to Roskilde
torsdag 23.05.13
Travelling to Roskilde Festival from abroad? Here is a list of the different travel add-ons we offer this year...
Help Norwegian Coffin Camp get to Roskilde Festival 2013
onsdag 22.05.13
Coffin Camp is planning their camp for Roskilde Festival 2013 – and they need your help.
Build your own power plant of solar cells for your camp
onsdag 22.05.13
Tired of your ghettoblaster running out of batteries or having to stand in long lines to get your mobile phone...
Explore this year's line-up with WiMP and win Roskilde Festival tickets
fredag 17.05.13
In collaboration with WiMP, Roskilde Festival has created a Facebook application that lets you explore this ye...
Get A Tent Downtown and Get A Camp change location
torsdag 16.05.13
Unfortunately we have to change the location for this year’s Get A Tent Downtown and Get A Camp.
Kris Kristofferson confirmed for Roskilde Festival 2013
onsdag 15.05.13
The American legend is added to the Roskilde Festival line-up.
Join Roskilde Rideshare with Ants
tirsdag 14.05.13
Roskilde Festival has partnered with the Scandinavian based ridesharing service Ants, to make sharing a ride t...
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