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Roskilde Festival’s collaboration partners

Roskilde Festival makes collaborative deals in various areas. We always consider carefully whether a potential collaborative partner can help make the festival even better for the audience and if they can manage the type of business needed.

That is why Roskilde Festival has a policy that ensures that collaborative deals are made primarily in areas which benefit the audience. Because of this, we join forces with partners who can accommodate our quality requirements within areas such as food, communication, clothes, service and humanitarian organisations.


Tuborg is Roskilde Festival’s official main sponsor and therefore the partner we work most closely with.

Beer is a natural part of most people’s festival, and it is only natural for us to enter into collaboration with a brewery.

Tuborg is a Danish quality beer known throughout the world. Additionally, Tuborg’s profile fits perfectly with Roskilde Festival. Tuborg is known for working goal-oriented and quality-minded with Danish music. Through various initiatives such as Grøn koncert (Green Concert – a one day travelling music festival in Denmark) and the Tuborg foundation, Tuborg has in a period of years helped put focus on the growth layer in Danish music.

Tuborg is the epitome of Danish music beer, and Roskilde Festival is the epitome of Danish youth culture. We could not imagine a more obvious main sponsor for Roskilde Festival than Tuborg.

Other sponsors and partners

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