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Photo: Nicklas Larsen
Photo: Nicklas Larsen
Photo: Sara Averadi Saripe

Roskilde Festival’s collaboration partners

Roskilde Festival makes collaborative deals in various areas. We always consider carefully whether a potential collaborative partner can help make the festival even better for the audience and if they can manage the type of buisness needed.

That is why Roskilde Festival has a policy that ensures that collaborative deals are made primarily in areas which benefit the audience. Because of this, we join forces with partners who can accommodate our quality requirements within areas such as food, communication, clothes, service and humanitarian organisations.

In addition to helping create great experiences for the audience, several of our collaborative partners provide financial support to make the festival happen.

A collaborative partner is never a part of the festival solely because of its financial contribution. The most important thing is that the partner can contribute something to Roskilde Festival, and thereby to the audience, as well as a high product quality, security of supply and a good service.

Through constructive criticism and suggestions on how to make improvements, our partners participate actively in making the festival even better. Often a partner has made some observations which we can use when we continue to work on improving the festival.

It is our opinion, the value of two collaborative partners’ joining efforts is worth much more than the individual partners’ effort.

This page is organised after the type of partners we have. Roskilde Festival has a main partner, Tuborg. The collaborative deal with Tuborg is the most comprehensive and innovative deal for Roskilde Festival but there are many other types of partners in different categories.

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