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Corporate volunteering at Roskilde Festival

A creative platform for developing and strengthening your company.

Roskilde festival is interested in cooperating with companies that can contribute to developing the festival for the benefit of its visitors.

Corporate volunteering is a collaborative arrangement in which a company provides services for a cultural or humanitarian organisation. In this connection, the company gives some of its employees time off to carry out these services.

There are gains for all partners involved in corporate volunteering. Roskilde Festival is assisted in the execution and qualification the festival, the company’s image is strengthened, as is its ability to attract qualified labour, and employees are more motivated and proud of their workplace.

  • Exposure to the audience
    Roskilde Festival offers exposure to an otherwise not easily accessible segment. You can thus get into direct contact with the festival’s visitors. This exposure can, for instance, be advantageous in relation to recruiting employees. In addition, Roskilde Festival is held in great respect among its visitors, and a collaboration can therefore strengthen your company’s brand.

  • The opportunity for human resource development and employee care
    You can give your employees a powerful experience, working in a new and exciting context. This will allow them to develop their professional competencies in a creative, interesting and challenging way. In addition, you can give your employees the opportunity of participating in some of Roskilde Festival’s offers – such as concerts with some of the greatest bands in the world!

    Research shows that people become better employees by participating in festivals:

    “Roskilde Festival is a playground for adults, where you can be something else than what you are in your everyday life. Right now, companies are asking for creative employees. And in order to be creative, you have to play. Otherwise, you will stagnate,” says Ann Charlotte Thorsted, researcher in innovation and adults’ play.

  • Strengthening of your profile in terms of values
    Roskilde Festival donates all profits to humanitarian work. By participating in the festival, your company will contribute to this. In this manner, your company will - through the collaboration with Roskilde Festival - take part in sharing a social responsibility for the world we live in.

Roskilde Festival also has a strong brand as a quality-conscious, innovative, creative and responsible institution that has its finger on the pulse of contemporary youth culture. This profile will rub off on potential collaboration partners and contribute to strengthening their profile in terms of values.

Corporate volunteering cases

Polar Is: Roskilde Festival and Polar Is (Polar Ice cream) have for several years worked together on the logistics of the portable ice cream sales cart, managed by volunteers. Polar Is donates their full profit to Roskilde Festival and there by supports humanitarian and local causes.

Danske Bank: cotribute with approx. 90 volunteers at Roskilde Festival who are in charge of handling coins from the beer sales and food stalls. It is important for Roskilde Festival to work together with a bank that actively participates in the local community and who also can manage the extreme logistical challenges in regards to portable ATMs, change and foreign currency.

See examples of previous cases

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