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Roskilde Festival and social responsibility

photo: Mads Danquah

Social responsibility is about taking responsibility for the world that we are all part of.

Roskilde Festival is based on voluntary work and through our annual humanitarian focus we have since 2002 had social responsibility as a cornerstone. In many ways this has been a catalyst for the development of new ideas that have become a part of Roskilde Festival.

In connection to our campaign on homelessness, Statement: Poverty, we are taking action and showing our social responsibility as one of the biggest festival’s in Northern Europe. We want to show that we are not only creating campaigns for others to follow but that we make an effort to take social responsibility all year around.

Social responsibility is the foundation on which Roskilde Festival builds its sets of values. Everything we do comes from a thorough consideration of the implications it could have on society, locally as well as globally. Corporate social responsibility is a strategic tool describing the corporation’s relation to its local, regional and global surroundings and how they act responsibly in favour of it.

Roskilde Festival is basically an event with a social aim to create tolerance and open-mindedness.  We build our values on social responsibility and want to take actions that are socially responsible to the surrounding society – locally and globally.

Roskilde Festival lives up to a number of requirements from various public authorities. We want to be proactive and set standards on social and environmentally related areas of responsibility.

In 2013 we will work with three focus areas:

Roskilde Festival has always taken our own as well as our collaborators' social and environmental impact into consideration. This is defined as our code of conduct.

Minimizing waste, increasing recycling and saving resources
Our two environmental campaigns are called Green Footsteps and Social Lab.

For many years Roskilde Festival has worked together with both local and national corporations through corporate volunteering. We also collaborate with social corporations who on a daily basis work with employees with special resources.


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