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Green Footsteps and collaborators

Roskilde Festival has the environment and sustainability as an area of focus and interest.  We believe that one’s small eco- friendly actions have a great effect on the environment –  that’s what we call green footsteps.

Because of this, we have collaboration partners who give the audience and ourselves the opportunity to take steps in towards being a more green festival.

If we, our audience and our partners each take green footsteps, we can make a difference.



Exide Technology is one of the world's leading companies on the market for larger batteries. They have great experience in developing new batteries and also develop batteries for electric vehicles with the environment in mind. Exide Technology has sponsored batteries to store the alternative energy Roskilde Festival produces at the power station in the Climate Community, so it can be used when the sun does not shine and the wind is not blowing.


LoveSpring is a foundation that collects funds to support humanitarian water projects in developing countries. At the festival, LoveSpring provides green drink cans, which can be filled up with water from established water taps.



The transport at Roskilde Festival should be as easy on the environment as possible. CLEVER is the leading electric vehicle operator. Altogether with Nissan and Renault Denmark they rent out a total of 30 stunning electric cars to Roskilde Festival. CLEVER provides charging solutions to individuals, municipalities and businesses and set up charging stations and fast charging stations in public spaces. As electric vehicle operator it is the vision of CLEVER to move up to a higher level environmentally and mobility wise, by creating optimum charging solutions and a coherent infrastructure in order to make it easy to drive electric cars.


Danish Cyclist Federation

Danish Cyclist Federation works towards making it safe to cycle in traffic so it is fun for all. DCF makes campaigns to get more people to cycle. This year, the Danish Cyclist Federation, in cooperation with Roskilde Festival and Greve Municipality, has organized a bicycle trip from City Hall Square in Copenhagen to the festival site as part of the Green Footsteps campaign.


Risø DTU is the National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. The research is directed towards the development of climate-friendly energy technologies and energy systems and contributes to innovation, education and counselling. Risø has large experimental facilities and multidisciplinary research milieus and includes a competence centre for nuclear technology.



DanWatch is an in-depth journalistic watchdog, who creates new agendas by documenting the consequences of Danish and multinational companies' investments, spendings, trade and production abroad. DanWatch is managed by a foundation and is independent of any political, governmental or private interests.




In 2008 Brøchner Hotels went CO2 neutral as the world's first hotel chain and created a climate council. This has let to a number of activities, cooperation with green networks and concrete initiatives at the hotels.



The European Environment Agency (EEA) together with The European Topic Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (ETC/SCP) are working with Roskilde Festival’s Green Footsteps campaign. The EEA has access to a large amount of environmental information and is able to help Roskilde Festival with much of the background knowledge presented on the festival’s website and during the festival.


The Danish Society for Nature Conservation

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation (DN) is the largest nature conservation and environmental organisation in Denmark. With the support of more than 140,000 members we work to protect nature and the environment.

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