until Roskilde Festival 2014 - 29 June to 6 July

Media partners

The big media partners ensure that Roskilde Festival is broadly exposed in all of Scandinavia. They help make sure that there is a broad knowledge about Roskilde Festival in the population so that the festival can maintain its position as one of the biggest culture and music festivals.

We choose media partners who focus especially on quality, youth culture and music.


Politiken is among Denmark´s biggest daily newspapers and a significant part of our DNA is an in-depth cultural focus. Specifically 'IBYEN' – a whole section dedicated entirely to guides to and recommendations/ reviews of film, art, theatre, music, restaurants, festivals etc.

Politiken and IBYEN has covered Roskilde Festival since the dark ages, and the media partnership we´ve grown over the past years is based on our mutual interests.



DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is Denmark’s big public service media which, through a period of years, has been present at Roskilde Festival. DR and Roskilde Festival are two of the biggest and most important cultural institutions in Denmark, and therefore we find it natural to continue the partnership.

Other media partners

Roskilde Festival collaborates with a number of big and small media in all of North Europe. This partnership is very important for Roskilde Festival because the various newspapers, magazines, websites, radio stations and TV channels help spread knowledge about the festival in Europe.

Media partners write about the festival, broadcasts live radio/TV or help promote Roskilde Festival in other ways.

Without the media partners, it would be impossible for us to maintain the close contact that we have today with our audience.

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