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Product partners

It is important to Roskilde Festival that our quality and versatility requirements are filled in every aspect of the festival. That is why we have selected our product partners and suppliers with much care. What they all have in common is that they deliver high quality products to reasonable prices.


Tuborg is Roskilde Festival’s official main sponsor and therefore the partner we work most closely with.

Beer is a natural part of most people’s festival, and it is only natural for us to enter into collaboration with a brewery.

Tuborg is a Danish quality beer known throughout the world. Additionally, Tuborg’s profile fits perfectly with Roskilde Festival. Tuborg is known for working goal-oriented and quality-minded with Danish music. Through various initiatives such as Grøn koncert (Green Concert – a one day travelling music festival in Denmark) and the Tuborg foundation, Tuborg has in a period of years helped put focus on the growth layer in Danish music.

Tuborg is the epitome of Danish music beer, and Roskilde Festival is the epitome of Danish youth culture. We could not imagine a more obvious main sponsor for Roskilde Festival than Tuborg.


Avis and Roskilde Festival collaborate on rental cars during Roskilde Festival 2012. Avis makes it easy for Roskilde Festival to get everything to the proper time and place. The cars from Avis is a flexible transport solution.


Hummel and Roskilde Festival have created Orange Karma – a movement to Change the World through Sport and Music. With a wide range of activities during the festival and an Orange Karma Sneaker, this collaboration enables the festival guests to party and have fun while supporting projects Danish Asylum Centres at the same time. Read more at www.orangekarma.com.


Naturmælk is an independent organic dairy. They strive to produce healthy food with great taste. Naturmælk handle milk gently, which ensures a better product and a great taste. Naturmælk produce a quality-orientated and wide range of milk, cheese and butter. Their farmers try to combine sustainable agriculture with animal welfare.


Oticon makes sure that festival-goers' hearing is protected in the best possible way. The audience can buy earplugs athat are shaped like spruces and lower the sound level while they give the audience a great live sound.

Peter Larsens Kaffe

Peter Larsens Kaffe is a Danish coffee roaster, which since 1902 has been producing quality coffee to the Danes. Peter Larsens Kaffe strives to combine sustainability of coffee production and that will be taken care of all stages - from bean to cup. This year, Peter Larsens Kaffe will be at Roskilde Festival, where professional coffee brewers are ready to brew coffee made ​​from Organic Fairtrade Certified coffee beans from the roasting factory in the town of Viborg, Denmark.

Premier Is

Premier Is has been a supplier of danish ice cream to the Roskilde Festival for many years. The collaboration between Premier Ice and Roskilde Festival has evolved year after year. For Roskilde Festival we present an icecream dairy store.


Spejder Sport has been in the Service Centers at Roskilde Festival in more than 10 years and has provided the guests with everything from batteries and ghetto blasters to tents and sleeping bags. Again this year you can order a festival package in Spejder Sports web shop and fetch it at Roskilde Festival – thereby you avoid bringing tent, sleeping bag and air mattress to the festival.

Order the packages here: Festival Package 1, Festival Package 2 og Festival Package 3 (only in Danish).

Tetra Pak

The official Roskilde Festival Fairtrade wine 2008 comes in carton packages from Tetra Pak. It bears the fairtrade mark, meaning that the product is sourced from producers in developing countries. A carton package is based on a natural, renewable resource – wood. The share of renewable content helps lower the carbon footprint. At the Roskilde Festival all wine cartons are collected and recycled. All festival-goers are asked to deposit their empty cartons at the nearest refund stall.


WiMP and Roskilde Festival have started cooperation, because it is an excellent channel into the Roskilde Festival's music program. Collaboration means, among other things, that WiMP in Denmark, Norway and Sweden gets its very own Roskilde page with playlists, music recommendations from experts, interviews and more. WiMP will also be present at the festival site with a listening post, where among other things, exploring the music and get relevant music recommendations.



X-Large A/S are responsible for all merchandise activities at Roskilde Festival. From idea and design to product development and the final production. Marketing and distribution are also managed by X-Large A/S, including the sales at the festival, retail sales as well as internet sales. All collaboration partners have the opportunity to get merchandise developed for events, crew or other activities.

Ørbæk Brewery & Distillery

Ørbæk has since 2009 cooperated with the Roskilde festival. Initially delivered Ørbæk organic rum included in various drinks, but in 2010 the selection was expanded considerably with vodka, gin and coffee liqueur. The products are produced in the own micro-distillery at Ørbæk on the island of Funen. Ørbæk uses organic ingredients in a brewing process where the workflow is done by hand. Roskilde Festival has helped to get Ørbæk distillery to a great start and we look forward to working in 2012.

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