until Roskilde Festival 2014 - 29 June to 6 July

Service partners

In order to have a good festival experience, it is important that the service is constantly developing in tune with the audience’s demands and expectations. Service partners cover everything from transportation to/from the festival to toilet facilities at the festival.


The telecommunications company 3 once again offers the audience at Roskilde Festival the best mobile data network by combining its award winning 3G network with its new and fast growing 4G/LTE network. During the festival period, 3 supplements its local network with five masts thereby multiplying the capacity by two compared to last year. 3 is present at the festival at its 3Reloads stands offering free charging of your phone, handset repair and loaner phones. 3 furthermore invites the audience of Roskilde Festival to visit the 3Friendtones Studio.


Aion aims to improve democratic participation in local communities and in the voluntary sector through the fusion of democratic processes and new technologies for debate, secure voting and active user involvement. Along with the Roskilde Festival, Aion has developed the system behind the Dream City, where 15,000 festival participants will create their own town during this year's festival.


Berendsen is the most environmentally friendly laundry service in Denmark and has for several years been at Roskilde festival. At Roskilde festival 2011 Berendsen was a part of H&M Reboot Camp where guests could get their dirty festival clothes washed by supporting a good cause at the same time. All profits from the laundry service went to the campaign ”Fashion Against AIDS”.


Bluefragments have managed a swat team of volunteers to develop the Roskilde Festival app for Windows Phone. You can use the app to plan your program, explore artists and keep track of who's playing next at different scenes. Bluefragments is the leading software company in developing apps for the Windows platform in Denmark.


Roskilde Festival recommends the use of public transport. Using DSB's rail services, you can take the train to and from Roskilde. Moreover, Roskilde Festival and DSB have arranged that selected trains shuttle between Roskilde Station and the festival's own station which is located at Camping West.


Trifork have had the pleasure of developing and designing the Roskilde Festival app for iPhone and Android in collaboration with Duckwise and Roskilde Festival.
Here you can explore music, news, videos and plan your program before the festival starts, while keeping track of who's playing when and where during the festival. Trifork is an innovative software company that develops simple, user-friendly solutions for the smartphone and tablet users.

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